Badger to the Bone – Shelly Laurenston


ZeZé Vargas was hired to kidnap Max – and it seemed like a really, really easy job. That is until he realized just how crazy she was.

Max was ready to brush off yet another set of kidnappers with finesse and ease. That is until she realized he was a jaguar-shifter.

So…she kidnaps him instead.

As the enemies circle close, Max becomes desperate to protect what matters most – her family. And maybe ZeZé too.


didn’t quite enjoy this one as much as the other two.

It MIGHT just be because I read all of these books one right after another but the more I read this one, the more similar it felt to the others.

Each story introduced the audience to a different perspective.

Book 1 – introduced us to Charlie – the fiercely protective and loyal eldest sister, who is a huge baker
Book 2 – introduces us to Stevie – the fiercely protective/loyal youngest sister, who is also a genius
Book 3 – introduced us to Max – the fiercely protective/loyal middle sister, who is extra aggressive

Each perspective ended up being very, very similar across the series. And book 3, Max’s perspective, just felt like Charlie’s but with the intensity turned up 10x…I just wasn’t feeling it.

Other than that, it was a fast-paced and overall fun read…just too samey in terms of perspective.

With thanks to Kensington books for sending me a free copy in exchange for and honest review

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