The Midnight Library – Matt Haig


Life has just gotten to the point where it’s overwhelming and all-encompassing and above all, Nora can’t see a possible situation where it gets better.

Everyone she’s ever known has pulled away, her job is gone and her best friend in the world passes.

All she’s left with is herself and a cripplingly black hole.

She slips herself a few too many pills and then drifts…and finds herself in a library.

Not just any library though, the Midnight Library.

Guided by a person who may (or may not) be Mrs. Elm (young Nora’s favorite teacher), Nora begins to take a look at the shelves.

And every book is her. Well. A version of her. Other lives that she could’ve lived, decisions and paths she could’ve pursued.

If you could undo any and all “bad” decisions you make, would you?

In short, this book was amazing. Really, truly.

I struggled to write my summary cause I didn’t want to give too much away – so much of my joy of this book comes from just discovering where this story led.

The world-building and the writing were phenomenal. It felt like I was marking a new quote on every page cause so much of it was THAT good.

Nora’s character felt so real and she got me all teary so many times.

I loved the ethereal magic of the Midnight Library and the various mind-bending scenarios that Nora went through. All in all – this book was amazing and I could not recommend it more!

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