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Into the Land of the Unicorns – Bruce Coville

★★★★ ½ "Grandma, is that man following us?" Cara, raised by her grandmother, always knew things were a little off... Her grandma was always insisted that unicorns were real - and Cara used to believe too - until kids from school tease her. But then...they get followed by a mysterious man and her grandmother forces Cara to… Continue reading Into the Land of the Unicorns – Bruce Coville

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The Time for Vengeance – Simon Brading

The May Reading Vlog (aka tier listing 30+ books) is up! Now that you know where this one ranks, click the link to check out the rest! The Written Review the Beast was always there, only a few steps behind, not giving them a chance to close their eyes, concentrate, and find safety. Sam Vives has survived… Continue reading The Time for Vengeance – Simon Brading


The Wonders of Nature – Ben Hoare

★★★★★ This book celebrates some of the millions of living things that call it home, as well as the rocks, fossils and other natural marvels that make up our world. Ever just look around the world and want to know more? More about the plants, animals, rocks, dirt? If you are anything like me, the answer is yes.… Continue reading The Wonders of Nature – Ben Hoare

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Being a Captain is Hard Work – Carole P. Roman

★★★★ Captain No Beard stood on the deck of the Flying Dragon and watched his crew hard at work. Another day on the Flying Dragon - everyone is doing what they do best...everyone except the Captain. When Mondo the Monkey says not to sail, the Captain overrules. Captain No Beard shook his head. "I don't believe… Continue reading Being a Captain is Hard Work – Carole P. Roman

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The Turning Point – Julia Ash

★★★★ ½ Look at that gorgeous cover! Also, check that out! That's my name in the book! The Written Review ...screams spread across the valley and echoed off the canyon walls. Indeed, The Turning Point had begun. Ruby has been through the wringer - zombies, vampires, the whole nine yards. Things have finally calmed down, at least a… Continue reading The Turning Point – Julia Ash

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The Girl and the Wolf – Katherena Vermette

★★★★ "Don't go too far," her mother called. "It's going to be dark soon." "Okay," the girl said but kept running. The wolf is the big-bad in just about every fairytale. But why? How fair is that? Vermette creates a new take on the "bad wolf" trope with her her little girl in the woods. I… Continue reading The Girl and the Wolf – Katherena Vermette

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House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J. Maas

Just a fun little BookTube Video all about some fabulous literary worlds! The Written Review: ★★★★ ½ "See, that right there is the problem. You and the whole rest of the world seem to think I exist just to find someone like him." Bryce Quinlan lives in a world full of fae, werewolves, angels and demons...and in a world full… Continue reading House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J. Maas

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette -Maria Semple

★★★★★ People like you must create. If you don't create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society. Oh. My. Gawd. I love this so much.  Bee Branch, genius daughter of the infamously famous Bernadette Fox, has a puzzle to solve - where in the world is her mother?  Before her mother went missing, Bee's parents made… Continue reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette -Maria Semple