The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card – R. Weir

★★★ "You’re going to laugh, but it's valuable to me. Someone stole a baseball card of mine." Jarvis Mann, private detective, is overwhelmed and underworked.  He's from a small town but moved to the city because he wanted an area had a good mix of cultures, with all races represented....a real city with real city people...… Continue reading The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card – R. Weir


Twilight – Stephenie Meyer

 ★★★★★ So, my review might be a bit biased... This was my first (and only major) episode of fangirling. I owned a tshirt ("vegetarian vampire" - so edgy). I saw the first movie anembarrassingly high number of times in theater. I judged peoplebased off of Team Edward or Team Jacob (for the record: Edward in the books, Jacob in the… Continue reading Twilight – Stephenie Meyer


The Secret of the Ancients – Simon Brading

★★★★★ Fun, funny and fabulous! And, this is one of the incredibly rare times that I found that the second book was better than the first! (I know, right? I love when this happens!!) Sam Vives is a time-traveler. Well, anaccidental time-traveler. He barely made it back from an time leap (during which he was a pirate captain) and is in desperate need… Continue reading The Secret of the Ancients – Simon Brading


The Pirate’s Heir – Simon Brading

★★★★ He looked down at his feet. "There's no place like home?" He clicked the heels of his boots together... Pirates and time travelers and dangerous adventures - oh my! Sam Vives's day couldn't have gotten more complicated. He's bullied by kids at school, picked on during his fencing classes AND he's suddenly the captain of a pirate ship… Continue reading The Pirate’s Heir – Simon Brading


The Awakening: Part One – Michael Timmins

Sylvanis may think she had won, and perhaps she had, for now. Imagine her surprise if she discovers the contingency spell. Gotta love the old contingency plan spell. Sylvanis (the good druid) and Kestrel (the extremist druid) both love Earth but Kestrel believes that humans would be the ruin of it.  With a heavy heart, Sylvanis sets off… Continue reading The Awakening: Part One – Michael Timmins


Time Crawlers – Varun Sayal

★★★★ Unexpectedly Delightful! Sayal writes six short stories centered around alternate universes. The range from funny to thought-provoking to outright ludicrous (in a good way!). Without further ado: Eclipse 'They' arrived very slowly and blended in very smoothly. Our narrator is among the elite 'Knowers' - the only ones able to track down and eliminate 4D aliens… Continue reading Time Crawlers – Varun Sayal

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Blood Week – J.D. Martin

★★★ "I can't stand the filth that has overridden this city." Kansas City - by all accounts a lovely place to live - spends one week once a year where the foulest, most repulsive criminals shake in terror. There's a serial killer on the loose - and he's targeting all the lowlifes in town. "Oh God...what… Continue reading Blood Week – J.D. Martin