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The Story of Jane Goodall – Susan B. Katz

★★★★★ When she was just one and a half, Jane took a handful of earthworms to bed with her. As soon as Jane's mom explained that worms need soil to live, Jane ran outside and returned the worms to their garden. Jane Goodall has always loved animals - she would watch them for hours and learn as much… Continue reading The Story of Jane Goodall – Susan B. Katz

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I’ll Be Gone in the Dark -Michelle McNamara

CLICK HERE for a Booktube Video about: Ten Fabulous Book Reviews and One That Will Make You Go - doesn't that belong to Miranda Reads? Now that you know this one made the list check the video review to see the rest (and find the stolen surprise)! The Written Review ★★★★★ Open the door. Show us your… Continue reading I’ll Be Gone in the Dark -Michelle McNamara

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Princesses Behaving Badly – Linda Rodríguez McRobbie

★★★ Nevertheless, here are the stories of real princesses and real women. We all know the stories of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella and Snow White...but their fluffy stories aren't nearly close to the truth. What about the Warrior princesses? The Usurpers? The Schemers and the Survivors? What about their stories? Glad you asked. If you have ever been curious… Continue reading Princesses Behaving Badly – Linda Rodríguez McRobbie

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Daisy Jones & The Six – Taylor Jenkins Reid

Quick throwback to one of my first BookTube videos - Top 10 Books of the Year. This one, certainly earned its spot. ★★★★★ I had absolutely no interest in being somebody else's muse. I am not a muse. I am the somebody. End of fucking story. Daisy Jones & The Six were the hottest thing… Continue reading Daisy Jones & The Six – Taylor Jenkins Reid

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Perfect Is Boring – Tyra Banks

When you step Out of Your Comfort Zone, it is important to stop stepping before you get into the Uncomfy Zone. Let's all give a standing ovation to the team of writers, editors, etc behind her book. Because I'm reading Modelland and those two are on COMPLETELY different levels. Like this one is in the ballpark of being tolerable and Modelland… Continue reading Perfect Is Boring – Tyra Banks

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You Don’t Look Your Age…And Other Fairy Tales – Sheila Nevins

★★★ Sheila Nevins embraces what it is to be a woman in the modern era. In this series of short stories, we learn exactly what it feels like to be a working woman in a man's world. To feeling those first few moments of aging and eventually accepting that change. To supporting each other through illnesses.… Continue reading You Don’t Look Your Age…And Other Fairy Tales – Sheila Nevins

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Requesting Submissions from Book Lovers!

Hello all! My name is Miranda Reads.  I am a book blogger, Goodreads top reviewer and a booktuber (book-themed YouTuber) (you may already know this, considering you are following my blog). I am starting a new video series about authors, illustrators, editors, reviewers (etc), based on Some Good News, hosted by John Krasinski (Jim from the… Continue reading Requesting Submissions from Book Lovers!