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The Turning Point – Julia Ash

★★★★ ½ Look at that gorgeous cover! Also, check that out! That's my name in the book! The Written Review ...screams spread across the valley and echoed off the canyon walls. Indeed, The Turning Point had begun. Ruby has been through the wringer - zombies, vampires, the whole nine yards. Things have finally calmed down, at least a… Continue reading The Turning Point – Julia Ash

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The Girl and the Wolf – Katherena Vermette

★★★★ "Don't go too far," her mother called. "It's going to be dark soon." "Okay," the girl said but kept running. The wolf is the big-bad in just about every fairytale. But why? How fair is that? Vermette creates a new take on the "bad wolf" trope with her her little girl in the woods. I… Continue reading The Girl and the Wolf – Katherena Vermette

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House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J. Maas

Just a fun little BookTube Video all about some fabulous literary worlds! The Written Review: ★★★★ ½ "See, that right there is the problem. You and the whole rest of the world seem to think I exist just to find someone like him." Bryce Quinlan lives in a world full of fae, werewolves, angels and demons...and in a world full… Continue reading House of Earth and Blood – Sarah J. Maas

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Where’d You Go, Bernadette -Maria Semple

★★★★★ People like you must create. If you don't create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society. Oh. My. Gawd. I love this so much.  Bee Branch, genius daughter of the infamously famous Bernadette Fox, has a puzzle to solve - where in the world is her mother?  Before her mother went missing, Bee's parents made… Continue reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette -Maria Semple


House of Ash & Brimstone – Megan Starks

★★★★ Gisele Walker landed in the fighting pit face-first, and her mouth flooded with mud. Gisele is a fighter - she's been one all her life - and this latest heist? She's confident she could handle it. It was supposed to be an easy gig - take a object and deliver it to a certain someone.… Continue reading House of Ash & Brimstone – Megan Starks

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I Wish You All the Best – Mason Deaver

★★★★★ I don't know whether to cry or scream or do both. It feels like I've done more than enough of both. And it feels like I haven't done enough. Ben De Backer after much debating and worrying comes out to their parents as nonbinary - not belonging to the strict binary (male/female) that most… Continue reading I Wish You All the Best – Mason Deaver

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The Littlest Bigfoot – Jennifer Weiner

★★★★★ Alice...was pretty sure that her uniqueness would, as usual, be more of a problem than a cause for celebration Alice Mayfair always said or did the wrong thing. She doesn't have a dainty bone in her body. She'll never make her parents happy. In seven different schools, over seven entire years, Alice had failed to make even… Continue reading The Littlest Bigfoot – Jennifer Weiner

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A Flag for the Flying Dragon – Carole P. Roman

★★★★ ½ There was nothing but calm waters and smooth sailing ahead of him. The day started well - the crew members of the Flying Dragon were doing all their chores, the ship is zipping around and everyone is getting along... or are they? There was a cry of distress, a commotion broke out high over… Continue reading A Flag for the Flying Dragon – Carole P. Roman

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The Hand Lettering Workbook – Amanda Kammarada

★★★★ Hand lettering is the art of drawing letters...This workbook will provide you with the foundation needed to support you on your lettering journey. In a world where everything is go, go, go, Amanda Kammarada found herself leaving behind her artistic hobbies in an attempt to keep up with her life and her kids. But, she missed… Continue reading The Hand Lettering Workbook – Amanda Kammarada